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Friday, November 04, 2011

My younger sister happens to be a kick butt horseback rider. Hunter/Jumper to be precise. There's something about horses that takes her away to another place and she forgets all of her worries. She says that riding is the only time she can completely clear her head and just be.
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I'm home from school because she has a competition this weekend. This month's show is particularly exciting because she's advancing to a higher class or division. I can't wait to watch her compete! My sister and I are seven years apart so I always try to be at as many of her events as I can. Being away from her for the past four and a half years at college has been tough
Here are some of my photos from her previous shows or practices I've been to:
It's probably because of her horse obsession that I've become obsessed with equine decor. I Die for any of these rooms below:
Images via Country Living, pinterest, & Restoration Hardware

Elle Decor [duh, who else] depicts this style perfectly in designers Badgley and Mischka's Kentucky home spotlight. Badgley grew up a rider himself and has a love of the sport. Their home is immaculate...actually, scratch the home, I would be the happiest girl just living in their BARN. Just make me a little bed in a stall or something.
New York fashion designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka's Kentucky Home:
Know anyone with horse fever? Try these goodies:

divine equine

[1.]Glove [2.] 
Smathers and Branson & Smathers and Branson [3.] Show Helmet [4.] Hunter Boots [5.] Alexis Bittar Crystal Encrusted Gold Horse Shoe Necklace [6.] Navy Pants Franca [7.] COLLECTION XIIX square scarve [8.] Marc by Marc Jacobs crew neck sweater [9.] Horse Jute 18 in. Pillow - Thomas Paul

Other Morning Musings:
-Justin Bieber has some rap skillz, yo.
-The day has come...Ray-Ban meets Brooks Brothers
-I admit it, I've started listening to Christmas Music. I love using 8tracks to find a premade mix i'm in the mood for
-The Nordstrom half-yearly sale started on Nov. 2nd, I've got my eye on this Patricia Nash Satchel or this Hinge-Doctor-Studded-Bag [ I love the old Dr.'s bag look]

I'll take some new pictures from her horse show this weekend

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  1. so crazy to see how much grace has grown up! i love seeing the pictures of her riding horses :D also obsessed with badgley & mischka's home. SO BEAUTIFUL!


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