Cyber Monday

Monday, November 28, 2011

However, I must say...these Cyber Monday deals are few, far & between. I ordered a few things from Amazon & Kate Spade but other than that none of these deals are out of the ordinary so far...kinda bummed. Have you found any deals worth sharing? Comment & Tell me if you have! Click this link if you want to Shop Amazon's Cyber Monday Week.
On that note, when you can't buy...just DIY! I found some inspirational DIY holiday ideas to try this December.
1. Reindeer Beer! via here
2. Glitter Spray paint on branches [put these babies in a large vase and VIOLA!]
3. Globe stacked snowmen via here
4. Decorate some deer antlers via here
5. Upgrade plain glass ornaments
6. Make your own pinecone wreath

Other Morning Musings:
-Ever want to know how J.Crew creates their cute holiday shopping bags?
-MORE DIY wall art! With paint swatches.
-The Woodsman Tavern, can we go? Knob Creek on the rocks please.
-How to rag roll your hair, perfect curls!
-The most gorgeous costumes I've ever seen
-DIY bow-backed heels, super easy to do!
-Loving this Chic Ski House
-Things we forget #777

I have 2 weeks until graduation! [halle-freaking-lujah] but this means final exams and a lot of studying ahead. This playlist of christmas songs without words just may get me through it.
Were getting a cold front this week, 
Floridians don't know how to handle weather below 60 degrees [at least I don't]
Happy Monday!

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