80 Years of Memories

Monday, November 14, 2011

Good morning! This past weekend was my Grandma's 80th birthday!
She is my dad's mom, and he is one of seven children! We have a very large family, to say the least.
I get my creative side from my Grandma. She taught me how to draw, how to create, how to think outside the box. It's our niche, and I love her for it.
I wanted to give her a memorable gift...something out of the ordinary.
I came across this blog called Nothing But Bonfires that had a post called "60 years of memories" where she gave her father 60 letters from close friends and family each containing one memory they had with her father. Each letter was like a jump back in time to another place with another person. What better way to reminisce? 
So I started a very long but completely worthwhile process of collecting 80 memories from 80 years of my Grandma's life. I received letters and emails from all over the country! It was very exciting and also showed how many people truly care about my Grandma.
The first thing I did was print and organize all 80 memories and put them into their own personal envelope.
After I filled all 80 of them, I put these cute birthday decals on the front of each one with a separate birthday slogan.
After numbering the letters 1-80 I bundled them with twine, put them inside this floral box I bought, and tagged them "80 years of memories"
When we gave her the box, she read the first letter from me explaining the gift. After saying how creative and thoughtful it was she said "Well, it's like a potato chip, I can't read just one," and she continued opening all 80 letters.

There was lots of laughing and a few tears from my Grandpa as she read through each one. She thinks she will re-read them often. I highly suggest doing this as a gift for your loved ones.

Family, it's everything!

Happy Monday!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your grandma!! Love love this idea!! How fabulous i need to try it. I like the way you decorated the envelopes and put them in the floral box, such a real neat idea! & I agree with you family is everything!! Xo

  2. We did something like this for my Uncle's 60th that just passed! So cute


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