Weekend Warrior

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I feel like i've been going out of town every weekend lately. The fall season has been super hectic in titletown with away football games, road trips, & events. Holiday travel is just around the corner, too. This weekend i'm headed home to visit my family and see my good friend Heather's precious newborn baby [Ava Rose].

Get ready for it...my first Polyvore creation is below, that website is beautifully complicated but hey, practice makes perfect.

What do you travel with?

[1.] Always have my watch on. La Mer has amazing watch collections [2.] Missoni Luggage [3.] Toms Classic 301 are my favorite aviators [4.] I always travel with a nalgene or water bottle of some sort [5.] My comfy Woolrich Aloe Vera Slipper Socks 
-and of course the given apple products [Thanks Steve] and a stack of magazines-

What do you always travel with?

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  1. Your Blog is so cute! thanks for stopping by and welcome to the blog world :)

  2. your first polyvore=so cute. and this post couldnt come at a better time while preparing for my FLORIDA vacay <3 hope to see you even just for a hot minute!


  3. Enjoyed your visit and your new blog!


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