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Friday, October 21, 2011

Good morning everyone. I’m so glad to be sitting at my house having my huge cup of coffee with my mom. Theres something about mornings at my house that make the day seem so much more bearable [maybe it’s the extra bold coffee].
Today is the day, I’m moving up in the world & buying the new iPhone4Gs! I’m so excited considering i’m taking a huge leap up from the original iPhone3G. I think the thing i’ll be the most obsessed over is the new Siri application [click here to see the Siri promo].
While being home my mom & I have been trying to decide what to do with the den/office. It has built in bookshelves [Awesome]. But deciding where everything fits has been a trick.
Closed in shelves for hidden storage
Built-ins turned office/desk space
"Built-in flat screen?"-Me "Yep, thats happening."-Mom
Other Morning Musings:
-Are these not the cutest set of engagement pictures you’ve ever seen? As Rachel Zoe would say, I DIE!

-Handmade Knottedrush Ring by Bario Neal. So dainty.

-Better scarf storage. Mine look a lot like the before photo [Yikes].

-Loving these fold over clutches. so many colors! [cognac is my fave] eco-friendly, too. 

-Repeat Clare Vivier because I love this oversized clutch also - can double as a macbook case too!

-On second thought here is the link to the designer Clare's blog, if you wanna drool over it too.

I hope everyone has a happy Friday!!

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