Thrifting 101

Thursday, October 27, 2011

The other day I had some extra time after class and went thrifting. I love it when I find something I really love at the thrift store. My best friend Lauren [La Petite Fashionista] & I used to go after school in high school like it was our jobs. There was always a fun piece of jewelry or belt for a dollar. My younger sister on the other hand can't stand the thought of wearing something after someone she doesn't know [even if it's been washed twice]. I think of it as a treasure hunt slash trend time travel. Besides it's not vintage unless it's old & used right?
I like finding furnishings better than clothing. Old mirrors, chairs, tables, cool picture frames can be used for so much. So many things are being redone now-a-days or DIY like the features in this blog: Better After
1. Don't buy it unless you HAVE to have it. I could find like 5 things that "could be cute" but i'd rather leave with 1 or 2 things that I can't wait to show/tell someone about.

2. Have a list of what your looking for. I know once I get to a store I completely forget what I need and sometimes buy something I have 4 of already [white blouses, what's my issue?].

3. Check in often! They are always getting new stuff in and out. 

4. Thrift stores have "daily deals" like 25% off furniture on Saturday [<---my favorite] or 
50% accessories on Tuesday and so on.

5. It's better to leave empty handed. Just because it's cheap stuff doesn't mean you should buy it. That's how you end up starring on an episode of Hoarders.

Here's the black watch I bought:
 Isn't it funky?!? It's funny to me though because I HATE math. Still a fun piece to wear. The inside of the wrist strap says "Genuine Lizard" ...HELP. Talked to the cashier about that little memo for like 20 minutes...
I also picked up a wood silverware tray for one dollar. My bathroom counter has been overrun by my ever growing jewelry slash nail polish collection so I filled the tray with everything on my counters and put it in the drawer. There. DIY organizing, Voila!
[All images via ME, please link back if used]
If you're like my sister and thrifting weirds you out, it's ok, heres some fall finds for under $55:

Fall for under 55

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  1. love your thrifting tips. some of my favorite fashion/house finds are from that hospice thrift store. we HAVE to go when im home for Christmas! I bet i could score a cheap wool coat :D


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