The Peak of Rustic Chic

Monday, October 31, 2011

Florida weather is so unpredictable. This morning it was cold, rainy, windy and scary out there. Which is totally fine because it's Halloween. But now it's 77 degrees and sunny. Which is fine too because all the little trick-or-treaters won't get rained out tonight!  I will be spending my Halloween studying for agribusiness. Oh the joys of my last semester of college. There will be lots of this:

On another note, this cool fall weather makes me think of everything rustic. I'm completely all over this design theme called [Rustic Chic]. The two [rustic and chic] seem like they'd be opposites but their decor and design work together magically. I just wanna be snuggled up in a cabin somewhere with blankets and coffee. This rustic chic cabin from Elle Decor would do just fine. Starting with this outdoor living area.

Where do your thoughts go when the weather starts getting cooler?
Time to get my thoughts back to studying.

just a few today, studying ruins everything.
-The most elegant outdoor wedding. Martha's Vineyard.
-Are these not the prettiest pumpkins you've ever seen? Someone is seriously talented with some puffy paint...

Happy Halloween!

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  1. i love this decorating style too, esp. after living in wisconsin! i've been begging the bf to get me some deer antlers to decorate with :)


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