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Friday, October 28, 2011

I'm loving the needlepoint look right now. It adds texture to everything. My friend Allyson learned how to needlepoint her own belts! They are amazing, although time consuming. She puts so much effort into them which makes them wonderful heartfelt gifts. I'd love to learn how one day.
Trina Turk's residential line makes for a fun-loving home decor. She has so many options in needlepoint!
needlepoint for home

[1.]Trina Turk Down-Filled Needlepoint Pillow, Zig Zag, Pink, 16 by 16-Inches [2.]Trina Turk Needlepoint Eyeglass Case, Pink [3.]Trina Turk for Peking Handicraft Geo Needlepoint Pillow, Brown[4.]Trina Turk Needlepoint Coasters, Set of 4 Designs
Needlepoint shoes. Ordering them online today, i'm in love. Some people think they're "grandma shoes," I think they're perfect. But according to my boyfriend I like anything someone would call "grandma-ish." What do you think? Would you rock 'em? Olivia Palermo rocks 'em, that must count for something.
Needlepoint Loafers
Loafers can be purchased from [Stubbs & Wootton] [By Paige] OR [The Monogrammed Martini]

I'm off to Orlando for the weekend! Everyone who may be going to Jacksonville for the Gator game be safe & have a blast [in a glass] at "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party!"


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