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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Weird obsession #1-Ceilings. Why are so many so boring? I love ceiling tiles. I looked into it and there are tons of options as far as material and design. There was an option for every budget, too. Recently while we were in New Orleans at a historic restaurant everyone kept asking me what I was taking pictures of with my phone because I couldn't stop obsessing over the ceiling tiles. 
Image via [my OLD iPhone, obviously]

Here's some more examples of why I love this look so much:
This plain-jane room is now pretty snazzy. Image via [HGTV Designer's portfolio]
This guy here isn't actually applying any ceiling tiles. He is using a textured tin wallpaper, which is a much cheaper route and still looks fantastic. It would be so easy to DIY in a small space like your bathroom.
This image was supposed to be showing off the lights over at Circa Lighting's blog but my eye was drawn to the ceiling instead...sorry Circa.

This seems to be a pretty effective way to dress up any room in your home. It just takes time and a few neck ache's or two.

Other Morning Musings:

-Aeroshot Pure Energy, 6 to 8 puffs of powder energy that desolves instantly in your mouth. One puff provides as much caffeine as one large cup of coffee. Final exam slash Party Favor anyone? [product launch video]

-News Flash: I'm moving...to here. NBD.

-The newest winter accessory: Scoodies scarf slash hoodie. I want one.

-The classic duck boot goes girly.

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  1. my mom has some tin wallpaper in our kitchen at home! i'd love to find a non-permanent solution since i can't paint in my rental :)

  2. How does the tin stand up to the humidity in a bathroom with a shower?


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