Having A Senior Moment

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I know I just made a post, BUT I absolutely loved this. Had to share.
Advanced Style: Age & Beauty 
I'm dying over these older ladies views of life & fashion; they inspire me and make me smile.
"You don't wanna go around like a dreary old lady"
"If someone doesn't like what I'm wearing, I don't give a SH*T"
"I have my own ideas on what I like, I dress according to my mood"
"I like wearing men's clothes"
"It's an exercise in creativity"
"Young women, you are going to be an old lady some day, DON'T SWEAT IT, it builds character"

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  1. love this! i'm so going to use being old as an excuse to wear whatever i'd like when i get old. PLUS we're going to be red hat club members :)


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