A Clockwork Orange

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What about all this orange? It's October so everyone is decorating with it, but what about wearing it? 
My boyfriend & I went for an American themed pumpkin this year. We carved ours last week sometime, here is how they turned out:
In this college town orange is a staple color. But trying to find orange to wear to a Gator game is like hmm, how to avoid looking like a giant pumpkin. Patterns are easier, but solid orange? Not so much. I tend to stick to different shades of blue & keep orange for my accessories. 
Images via [Pinterest]
Did you know that orange is the color of the Dutch royal family? The lineage of the current dynasty dates back to William Van Oranje & even though the color is no where to be found in their flag, this is why their sports fans wear orange like its their job. How do you feel wearing orange?
Well, I obviously don't hate it because I found all these different cute accessories"
orange accessories
[1.] Orange Two Tone Leopard Print Scarf [2.] Flower Skinny Leather Belt [3.] Chandelier Earrings [4.] *On my wish list* Orange Crystal Bracelet Dress Watch [5.] Leather trimmed-Wool-Felt Fedora [6.] Transparent Sports Watch [7.] TOMS Orange Tip Sunglasses [8.] Saqri Bracelet

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