A Blank Slate

Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday...ugh. I've had a pretty rough and emotional couple of days over here. I'll spare you the details but I will tell you a lot of things in my life will be changing. A blank slate if you will.

I've got the "get away from it all" itch. Out of state out of mind, literally. Plane ticket for one please?
Images via [Harpers Bazaar tumblr & Pinterest]

Other Morning Musings:

-In case your into Halloween and stuff like that this video is pretty cool I guess: Halloween Light Show 2011 Party Rock Anthem

-This Etsy shop CosmicFirefly sells the most beautiful flasks I've ever seen.

-I love this reclaimed pallet coffee table. Each one made is unique with it's own stamp detailing where the pallet has traveled to. SO COOL.

-Sometimes I act like such a boy, but if I were a boy..I'd buy these new Vans California

OK. Woah. I was just going to add this to my morning musings but have you ever wondered how they came up with those little Super Mario melodies that get stuck in your head?
video found via [The Kids Should See This]

I hope your case of the Mondays. Whatever case that may be, is a heck of a lot better than mine. 

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