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Sunday, October 26, 2014

DIY Marquee Letter

If you like to go picking or hunting for antiques then you've more than likely ran into some awesome vintage marquee letters. The only catch is, the more vintage and cool they are, the more expensive! I've seen ONE small letter sell for up to $400!
A couple weekends ago at my friend's Jimmy & Caitlyn's wedding rehearsal, they had "J & C" marquee letters and I figured that was a sign (literally) to finally take on these letters as a DIY.
The plan is to make a sign that says "B-A-R" for our outdoor courtyard. For my trial run I started with the letter "B".

Jig-Saw ($29.99 at Home Depot! Works great!)
Sander / Sand Paper
2x4 Piece of Plywood (3/4” width suggested)
3/4" paddle drill bit
1/2" round drill bit
String Lights
Super Glue
Vinyl Vertical Blinds
Hammer & Nails

The first thing you need to do is find a font for your letter. Print the letter as large as you want it to be on paper, cut it out and trace it on to the plywood. Next, use your jig-saw to carefully cut out the letter. First time using the jig-saw! nailed it! After your letter is cut, use the sander to smooth the edges and surface so theres no splintering wood pieces.
Next I removed the big bulbs from the string lights to lay them on the letter and mark where I needed to drill the holes. I drilled the holes for the bulbs, painted the letter blue, and glued the bulbs into each hole. Remember they don't have the string lights in them yet.
For the border around the letter I decided to use Vinyl Vertical Blinds instead of aluminum flashing. The metal most people use for these marquee letters is very sharp and I didn't even want to attempt cutting it. The vinyl blinds were flexible and worked perfectly! Just nail the border into place. After the border was on, I added some detailing to my letter so it didn't look plain.
Next you put the string lights back into each bulb and tape it to the back of the letter so it stays in place.

I'm pretty happy with my first attempt! Next up "A" and "R"!

Friday, June 6, 2014

Currently Obsessed: French Rattan Bistro Chair

OMG, I blogged! The blog has certainly been on the back burner over the past 6 months. Between wedding planning, finding Trey and I's first place to live, planning a honeymoon and working a full time job…it just had to. Anyways, I miss it and I just had to share my latest Craigslist find and get ya'lls opinion. 

I am currently obsessed with French Rattan Bistro Chairs. Maybe it's the "Boudreau" in me. I love them for indoors and outdoor dining spaces. They are so effortlessly chic. Such a design classic, from the striped designs, cool patterns and sturdy rattan frames. I can just picture the streets of Paris lined with cafes and bistros with these chairs on the patios.
The thing about these, they can be EXPENSIVE. The chairs are made by Maison Gatti (since 1920) and constructed out of rattan and Rilsan for $695 PER CHAIR! WHAT?
So here's the amazing thing. I found 10 original Maison Gatti designed bistro chairs for $20 each on Craigslist. What do you think? Buy or buy?

Thursday, March 20, 2014


I was [pleasantly] surprised to see Mules make a huge come back from the 90's this spring. Yes, that's right, the Zack Morris lovin' 90's. These slides have been updated for spring with chunky heels and bold prints that just may change the way you feel about the shoe you thought you had to be 60+ to wear.  I have a few pairs of mules in my closet I'm excited to bring out…goodbye heel blisters!

Mules may be a bona fide trend, but you're going to wear them to death, and in a years time you can retire them knowing that they had a busy and fulfilling life.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Stationary Picks

This year I'm all about the die cut Valentine's Day card. There's something especially sweet about a die cut Valentine, and not to mention the style of "die-cutting" is totally vintage!! I remember as a little girl cutting all of my Valentines out by hand and folding a piece of paper in half to cut out the perfect heart shape.
- Sugar Paper's Roosevelt XO is letterpress printed on antique machinery. White foil on kraft paper in our signature Roosevelt die cut shape.
- To My Valentine by Rifle Paper Co. Of Course. I'll always root, root, root for the home team here in Winter Park, Fla. This die cut vintage valentine offers a unique alternative to the typical valentine.

And to contain all of those beautiful Valentine's you get this year, how about a Personalized Acacia Rectangle Tray to hold them all?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Cynthia Rowley

Cynthia Rowley constructed her first dress when she was seven years old. Her intuitive technical skill paired with a love of “making things” led her to an undergraduate degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she began to pursue a career in fashion.

Rowley has been recognized within the fashion industry, with a CFDA womenswear award and a nomination for menswear, and is consistently called upon as a style authority on “Project Runway,” “Oprah,” “David Letterman,” “The Today Show,” and “America’s Next Top Model” among others.

I'm really excited to gain Cynthia Rowley as an affiliate sponsor on Hello Boudreau simply because I'm obsessed with her designs, style and overall outlook on life! Here are some of my favorite pieces from her new arrivals:

Oh, and Rowley Eyewear? Don't even get me started with the amazingness. At a great price point, you can customize a variety of optical looks to suit your vibe. Here are my favorites:

When in doubt, you can swap them out!! Fashion is ever-changing so why should your frames remain the same?
xx, Kelly

Friday, December 6, 2013

A Thanksgiving Engagement

Sorry I've been so MIA lately, but this time maybe I have a good excuse - We are engaged! My boyfriend proposed on Friday while we were up at my parents house in Big Canoe, Georgia. Needless to say I will never think of Black Friday the same again!

At night he took me to The Terraces at Big Canoe, where I've always dreamed of getting married, got down on one knee and the rest is history! 
Here is a great photo of The Terraces during the day
We already set the date so the wedding planning is in full swing! I promise this won't turn into a wedding blog but I'll definitely keep you posted along the way.

xo, Kelly

Monday, November 11, 2013

Q&A: LH Photography

Since moving to the Orlando / Winter Park area last year, I've been fortunate to meet some pretty talented new friends! Working for an interior design firm takes a creative eye, so naturally everyone in the office is so creatively talented in one way or another. I love that everyone seems to have a unique hobby outside of the office that all of us creatives can discuss and bond over!

Ly Sué Hernández is my co-worker and an ah-mazing photographer. She believes that photography is a way to inspire, create, and portray life as it is…and her work is proof of that!
So today I'm thrilled that Ly Sué is getting to play “interviewee,” sharing her best photography moments and inspirations with us. 

1. When did you first take an interest in photography?

I felt drawn to photography since I was little. My uncle was an architect and photographer, and I remember as a little girl, staring at his beautiful black and white prints hanging to dry in his darkroom. I always felt so intrigued about the whole process. I took my first film photography class in college back in 2002 (time flies!), and I've been hooked ever since! 

2. Best moment of your photography career so far?

I would have to say the most amazing moment so far was when I got an email from Style Me Pretty confirming that they wanted to publish a styled shoot that me along with some amazing vendors have styled, designed, and coordinated. A dream come true!

3. What kind of skills or characteristics do you think are vital to your success as a photographer?

This is a hard one! I think that having a background in art and interior design has helped me develop a keen eye for detail, composition, and story telling. I guess it also helps that I am my biggest critic!

5. What are your daily online reads and what is currently inspiring you?

My top 5 daily reads are Style Me Pretty, Rufled, The Every Girl, Design Milk, Strobist. Well does Pinterest count as a daily read? There is so much inspiration out there; I guess a constant source of inspiration for me is Fashion and Architecture.

6. What is your favorite type of session to photograph?

I like almost every type of session, but engagement sessions are just so much fun! So I guess they are my favorite. I love getting to capture the start of a couple’s lives together, and help them style the session to go with their lifestyle. I get to mix two of my loves photography and design! 

7. Where is the most unique photo shoot location you've been to?

Kunde Estate; such beautiful scenery and amazing wine! Mix those two together and you won me over!

8. If you could meet any woman for lunch, who would it be and why?

Audrey Hepburn! Such a fashionable, classy, and giving woman. I just think we would totally get along! 

9. What photographer do you admire the most?

Jasmine Star. I’m obsessed with her (in a good way!). She is just not only super talented, but also so willing to share what she knows with everybody. I think that is so selfless and right! I totally believe in sharing what you know; it only comes back at you ten fold!

10. Any advice for young entrepreneurs?

Another hard one! I guess I could say “follow your dreams”, and I think you totally should, but most importantly (as I am still learning myself the hard way), it’s ok if you can’t do it all! Know your limits, and know when you need to hire a professional to outsource what you can’t do yourself. It will only give you more time to focus on what you do great!

If you are looking for a photographer or want to see more of Ly Sué's beautiful work, visit her website www.lh-photo.com! There's so much more to see!